You deserve the very best Image-Stylist to work on your body, color, and style analysis structures… Meet Dr. Cheryl White, CPIC


Allure Image Health and Wellness Academy, a prominent Business and Personal Branding, Image Consultant, and Color Analysis Training Organization, is led by the highly acclaimed Dr. Cheryl White. As a Certified Professional Global Image Coach, Author, Keynote Teacher and Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Dr. White guides individuals through transformative journeys. Based in Florida, Allure has a global reach, affiliated with the prestigious ByFERIAL Image & Color Institute, and conducts on-site training worldwide.

In my professional capacity, I am dedicated to assisting others in navigating significant life shifts through the power of rebranding. Recognizing the innate human desire to explore beyond the confines of comfort zones, I draw parallels to the aspiration of walking on water—a pursuit often hindered by fear and the inertia of familiar routines.

With a background as a doctor of conflict resolution, I comprehend the intricate dynamics of internal and external conflicts that individuals face. Through strategic rebranding and a focus on mindset, my goal is to guide individuals towards embracing their authentic selves, transcending limitations, and stepping beyond the metaphorical boat of safety and routine.

Empowering individuals involves addressing and overcoming the fear that anchors them, fostering a mindset open to change. I firmly believe that this willingness to embrace change is the catalyst for unlocking new possibilities and liberating oneself from the monotony that no longer serves them.

“I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress”… ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, I’d love to hear from you!

As Coach
I will train you and teach you how to dress to impress, to remove barriers and bondages in your lives and careers, as you move toward a healthier more holistic self. (Through successful creativity, commitment, and phenomenal life choices.)

As Speaker
I will help you to get out of your comfort zones, and dig deeper into being a greater you! Restoring you into a complete person filled with happiness, joy, and laughter as you slay your dragons and address the elephant in your space.

As Author & Freelance Journalist
I understand the challenges you face. And, I will help you unlock the confidence you need to lead a sustainable life.

Let me provide you with the insight and tools needed to create the life you have always wanted!

I’d love to hear from you!

Team Members

Dr. Alan Holt


Lizzete Placeres

Executive Director

Giselle Haryvery

Director of Digital Marketing

Dr. Charmine Beckford

Public Relation

Joshua Alvarenga

Social Media Strategist

Lucy Tucker

Social Media Strategist

Jordan Gutierrez

Image & Lifestyle Influencer


*This is a certification course with IACET for 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available to eligible individuals

Mar 05 – May 28 Online

*This certification Level II 4X4C training session offers 1.8 CEUs and is available to all individuals

Jun 05 – Aug 28 Online

*This certification Level III Advance Training session offers) 3.8 CEUs (IACET and AICI)

Oct 7 – 11 USA



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