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Foundation Course – Level I Training:

Certified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Training (CIC) is accredited by IACET for 4.0 CEUs

  • Our exclusive, systematic 10-module curriculum comprises a comprehensive learning experience, featuring a total of 30 instructional videos designed to propel you towards success. Throughout the 10-week program, you will be assigned three videos weekly, ensuring a structured and paced approach to your learning journey.
  • Engage in interactive weekly Zoom sessions facilitated by a certified Image Consultant Trainer endorsed by Allure. Each session spans one hour, amounting to a total of 10 hours of Live Training Sessions. This personalized interaction enhances your understanding and application of the course material.

Great reasons why you should become an image-stylist consultant:

  • You can earn a great income
  • You have the power to support individuals in achieving success and leading enriched lives.
  • As a proficient professional and successful coach, you will garner respect for your expertise and capabilities.
  • You have the flexibility to work at your preferred time and location.
  • Your success is not limited by your age, race, or gender.
  • You can unleash your potential without constraints.
  • Your clients will choose you for your credentials, experience, and website.
  • As your Global Image and Mindset Coach, I’m here to guide and empower you to achieve remarkable success.
  • You may maximize your income potential with individual coaching sessions, group workshops, teaching engagements at local colleges, corporate seminars, content creation such as writing articles and books, and showcasing your expertise on television and radio appearances.

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Dr. Cheryl White stands as a distinguished professional in the realm of image consulting, boasting a wealth of experience in training image consultants and color analysis professionals worldwide. With a notable track record as an image consultant and the visionary behind Allure Image, Dr. White has been instrumental in guiding individuals to unlock their optimal personal style and embrace confidence in their own identity. Her methodology is holistic, intricately considering factors such as personality, lifestyle, and aspirations. Dr. White not only imparts knowledge but also empowers her students to adopt a similarly comprehensive approach, ensuring a transformative journey towards mastering the art of image consulting.

Allure’s Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Training Course

Our Certified Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Training Course provides a rigorous academic foundation, enabling participants to excel in the specialized field of image consulting and personal styling. Through an in-depth exploration of topics such as color theory, body shape analysis, wardrobe planning, and personalized shopping experiences, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles underlying professional image management. Additionally, the curriculum extends beyond aesthetic considerations to encompass vital business elements, including marketing strategies, branding techniques, and the establishment of successful image consulting practices, thus preparing individuals for multifaceted roles within the industry.

  • Develop Your Color Analysis Skills: Explore the intricacies of color and its profound impact on personal style.
  • Body Shape Analysis: Master the art of analyzing body shapes for personalized styling solutions.
  • Wardrobe Planning: Learn the strategic approach to planning and curating a well-rounded wardrobe.
  • Personal Shopping: Navigate the nuances of personal shopping to meet individual preferences and needs.

ADDED VALUE Training Materials above and beyond your expectations:

  • MP4s, books / training manuals, Power Point presentations, once a month Mentoring.


Turning Your Passions into Profit

Discover how to generate income and attain financial stability in this vibrant, sought-after, and prosperous industry. Let us empower you to thrive and achieve your financial goals within this exciting landscape.

  • Learn to make a positive difference and a fortune sharing your advice.
  • Uncover the profound secrets to genuine wealth creation.

Benefits: Begin your entrepreneurial journey – success starts with the guidance and expertise provided by Allure. Imagine the possibilities if your yearly earnings transformed into monthly income. Reflect on the improvements you would make in your life. Are you fully dedicated to achieving success?

Advantages: As a self-employed individual, control your daily activities and become your own boss. You enjoy income tax benefits, deductible expenses such as a portion of your home used as a home office, a percentage of your car expenses, business attire, phone bills, insurance costs, and training investments. Additionally, the gratification of helping others achieve their personal and professional potential is not only financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling. You can bring joy to your own life by making a positive impact on others, helping them feel confident and looking their best.

Plus, join our Ignite Global community of image consultants and color analysis professionals for networking, collaboration, and idea-sharing opportunities.


  • Weekly Sessions: Our online workshop is an in-depth, 10-module video series with Certified Professional Trainers on Zoom for one hour each week.
  • Interactive Learning: Explore the in-depth modules at your own pace, with expert guidance.

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Build Your Business

Craft your mission statement, devise a strategic marketing plan, establish a competitive pricing structure, and get ready for a successful launch.

Evaluate Personal Image

Elevate beyond mere impressions with a focus on “total image,” seizing command of initial perceptions.

Analyze Body Shape

Master the art of recognizing the six horizontal body shapes and styling clients with diverse vertical body proportions.

Employ Line & Design

Uncover the technique of utilizing strategically placed lines in clothing to create a taller and slimmer appearance for your clients.

Organize a Wardrobe

Lead your clients through the occasionally challenging but always essential task of decluttering their wardrobe, creating space for chic and new additions.

Define Personal Style

Discover the Seven Personal Styles and Empower Your Clients to Find Their Perfect Fit.

Master Makeup

Let beauty radiate through skin and makeup, accentuating features and celebrating individual uniqueness.

Identify Face Shapes

Identify the nine facial shape categories and suggest suitable hairstyles, hats, glasses, and earrings to complement each one.

Select Colors

Uncover the groundbreaking 4×4 Color System and master the application of color theory to enhance your clients’ skin tone, hair, and eye color.

Take Charge of Your Future and Your Income

Explore image consulting opportunities and acquire essential skills for launching and growing your successful business.
All Image-Stylist Certification Training programs are priced in US currency – No refunds are issued after the receipt of intellectual property. Training dates may be rescheduled by mutual agreement. Deposits/funds for training must be utilized within one year; otherwise, they will be forfeited in the event of attendance postponement.


*This is a certification course with IACET for 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available to eligible individuals

April 23 to July 2 Online 8-9 PM EST

*This certification Level II 4X4C training session offers 1.8 CEUs and is available to all individuals

July 25 to Sept 5 Online 8-9 PM EST

*This certification Level III Advance Training session offers) 3.8 CEUs (IACET and AICI)

Sept 23 to Sept 27 USA